Avocom – associated professional firms, now in association with Arkios Legal, assists ITP Group, in financial partnership with the investment company Citic Holding If Group, in negotiations with the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (Echem).
The deal concerns the supply of 1 million tons of ethane gas in four years, destined to feed the Ethytdco and Sidpec ethylene
crackers in the industrial area of Alessandria. The total transaction value is $ 600 million.
The ITP group was founded by Eng. Manfredi Mazziotti di Celso in 2001 and has steadily and rapidly developed from 2001 to today in Egypt, the United States, Europe, Russia, Italy and various Middle Eastern countries thanks to projects and contracts
for over 200 million that have led to a turnover of 70 million in 2011-2012 until the listing on the NYSE in 2011. The closing of the transaction is scheduled for next 9 December 2019.
ITP Group is assisted by the founder and managing partner Francesco del Bene.


ITP Group sigla accordo da 600 milioni con Echem per la fornitura di 1 milione di tonnellate di gas etano

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