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Infrastructure Finance

We can provide major finance facilities for medium and large infrastructure projects globally. Our focus is in energy, ports, railways and buildings. Sovereign or PPP (public private partnership) can be accommodated from smaller scale deals to very large amounts. In energy projects our main focus is in:

  • Waste to energy stations utilising the state of the art technology from Germany from a company we are closely associated with. This enables us to offer a fully financed, turnkey solution, for this highly attractive environmentally efficient technology, generating electricity from municipal solid waste in large quantities.
  • Power generation in conventional electricity power stations.

In addition, CITIC is associated with a major construction consortium which means where necessary we can provide EPC+F turnkey solutions for construction projects including BOT or BOOT models.

Consideration can also be given to refinancing completed projects.


With our in depth knowledge, experience and capital market access we can provide debt raising solutions using bond structuring and placement for certain asset classes. Please enquire for more information.

Business Plan

Create your business wisely and efficiently.

The business plan summarizes the characteristics of a business project. It is used both for business planning and management and for external communication, in particular to potential lenders or investors.


State of the art waste to energy and clean coal energy technology.

With W2E large quantities of municipal solid waste (household, office and industrial) can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly process to generate grid connected electricity. Thus not only making electricity but alleviating landfill.

Also new coal gasifier reactor technology is now available, which can convert existing coal fired stations to significantly improve efficiency at a lower cost than new build and with near zero emissions and producing saleable flammable gas as LSG. This is clean, low cost, high energy solution for new power stations or replacing burners in existing power stations with vastly improved efficiency.

With our finance expertise we can offer a financed solution alongside this compelling technology and can consider turnkey and BOT models.

Real estate

It is still worthwhile to invest in real estate.

Everything in the real estate world is connected to a project of significant size in terms of amount, volume and social impact, as well as economic or financial on the territory.

Necessarily, a Real Estate project is a complex system that involves not only professionals in the construction and real estate sector, but which interfaces and develops with multiple human, social and economic activities within which know-how and in-depth knowledge are required.

Development Finance

As principal arranger and provider we seek development projects requiring finance for land acquisition and or construction. Our primary focus is in the housing, hotel, retail and mixed use sectors for developments seeking finance. We have a flexible rather than restrictive approach with assessment based on overall merit. Either private or PPP (public private partnership) can be considered. Our terms are highly competitive and amounts up to multi-million can be considered. Please send us your enquiry for prompt attention.

Consideration can also be given to refinancing completed developments.

Citic Holding IF Group LLC (the “LLC”)

Is a Delaware limited liability company. The LLC is led and managed by a Board of Directors which delegates its functions to the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and to the President (the “Manager”). The LLC will primarily originate projects in private equity project financing and real estate in target markets. While the LLC will typically only invest in project financing, the LLC may opportunistically invest in other ventures, with a strict focus on adhering to conservative loan-to value characteristics. The LLC may also, either directly, or through special purpose vehicles (SPV’s), make preferred equity investments in residential, commercial and multi-family properties in targeted markets. The LLC may also take any action incidental and conducive to the furtherance of the purposes.

CITIC specialises

In providing senior loan finance to medium and large projects in the infrastructure and development sectors worldwide including for existing asset acquisitions. We can also offer mezzanine debt in combination with the senior lending, which can assist for making a viable financing structure when projects need higher levels of gearing. Our appetite encompasses:

  • Private Sector
  • Sovereign
  • PPP (Public Private Projects).

Our interest is global for projects that seek development and or acquisition finance in the following sectors:

  • Commercial.
  • Retail.
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Infrastructure (Energy, in particular waste to energy, Ports, Rail, Buildings and telecoms)

Intuition and insight can be in short supply and we pride ourselves in our ability to leverage global insight across finance discipline. All our people are driven by intensity, integrity and intellectual curiosity. We work closely on every transaction to share knowledge, experience and engage a global network of relationships.

The Group, its team, partners and closest consultants have played important financing or advisory roles in financing projects in public and private initiatives globally.

Consultations based on your experience.

Financial intermediary

Is an institution or individual that serves as a middleman among diverse parties in order to facilitate financial transactions. Common types include commercial banks, investment banks, stockbrokers, pooled investment funds, and stock exchanges.

Institutions & Consultants

We manage single strategy portfolios for the largest and most demanding banks and insurance companies in the world and try to maintain close relationships with the advisors who recommend them.



We manage single strategy portfolios for each individual investor. A retail or individual investor is someone who invests in securities and assets on their own, usually in smaller quantities.


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